How to Start a Roadtrip in Australia

Australia is one the biggest countries in the world with nearly 3 million square miles of landmass alone. This enormous country makes the improbable combination of tropical rainforests, grassland, and vast dry deserts on a single island a possibility.

Most Australian cities line areas near the stunning coastlines and may be linked by limited and expensive transportation (after all, the distances covered are vast.) While it’s possible to fly between Sydney and Perth, or Brisbane and Darwin, you would get only a brief hint of the truly diverse landscapes encompassing a coast to coast journey.

Milky Way Australia

For these reasons and more, the only way to truly experience Australia is via road trip, already one of my absolute favourite ways to explore the world (thanks to my first road trips driving across Canada and the USA). Road trips are the ultimate freedom in travel. Choose your own hours, stops, destinations and explore the hard to reach places, all on your own time.  Continue reading


Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, USA - Karina Noriega

Welcome to Karina’s Extraordinary Life

I’m so, so, so excited to launch this blog in conjunction with my latest global adventure. It has been an unbelievable learning curve for me as I slowly developed the skills necessary to create what you see here on your screen. Don’t be surprised if you continue to see changes and improvements as I introduce myself into the travel blogging community as well as becoming a social media buff 🙂 (Please share with me if you have suggestion or have noticed anything within the site that is not working.)

So the long and short of it all starts today. I traded my job, home and a possibly successful career as a neuroscientist for the unknown, unstable, unexplored, unsung, uncertain and unpredictable. The last few months have complete evaporated. I swear I just made the decision to spend the first stage of this voyage living out of my truck while traveling across North America. Now the blast off date has come and gone.

Tank- Karina Noriega

My home for the next 4 months, the unstoppable Tank- Karina Noriega

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