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Films are presented in chronological order as they were created.

 Going Nomad, Hamilton, Ontario, CA

A quick snapshot into our lives as we quit our jobs, pack-up everything we own and head out into the world for an adventure of a lifetime.

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 Exploring Ithaca– Ithaca, New York, USA

This film marks our very first adventure in the USA after hitting the road in May 2014 for a 5 month road trip across the States. Within hours we make some great friends and survive a brush with customs officers at the US border. Watch as we explore abandon houses, beautiful waterfalls and the glass blowing studio of a local artisan in Ithaca who turns molten glass into a masterpiece right before our eyes!

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 New York Sightseeing– Manhattan, New York, USA

This video is packed with high energy clips from our trouble-making (all for only dollars a day, of course) throughout the boroughs of New York City. We are most proud of the amazing footage we caught of an phenomenal brass band whose live performance we had the pleasure of witnessing in the SUBWAY under Time Square.

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  Rockin’ Philly – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Stopping to stretch your legs while gassing up the car just isn’t enough to keep you healthy and lean! The best way to stay fit is to work-out WHILE sight-seeing! In this video, Karina and I conquer the iconic Rocky Steps outside the Philadelphia Museum Art. These 72 stone steps were made famous for their appearance in the triple-Oscar-winning film Rocky.

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Happy Canada Day – Jonas Bellman – Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

In celebration of Canada Day, I am proudly sharing this film by our buddy and former couchsurfer, Jonas Bellmann. Check out this rat-pack of bikers celebrating Canada Day, 2013 at Port Dover in Ontario, Canada.

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  Paradise Unknown – Destin, Florida, USA

A chance encounter brought us to one of the most unbelievable paradise locations we could have imagined. With a lot of help from our local couchsurfing host, opportunities to explore sugarland beaches, live music venues, local cuisine and Spring break styled drinking and boating adventures all came to life.

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 Georgia on my Mind – Georgia, USA

This time, we find ourselves in the Southern state of Georgia exploring two very different kinds of destinations: Driftwood Beach on the coastal park of Jekyll Island and the deep south swamp of Okefenokee. We highly recommend that you check out the detailed article about experience in the swamp, to view spectacular photos and gather important insight regarding this amazing environment which is not included in the film.

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 Christ of the Ozarks – Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

In small town in Northern Arkansas, we stumbled upon an entire religious theme park is dedicated to the life and death of Jesus Christ. The volunteers here not only took us in as we journeyed through, but they shared their time and passion with us. This is an outsider’s look at the place and people of ‘Christ of the Ozarks’.

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 Modern Nomads – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

A fascinating montage of interviews conducted with three experienced long-term travellers. With every intention of creating a healthy and sustainable method of travel, April seeks out the secrets to maintaining balance between self and world. Watch as the travel experts tell us how it’s done.

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Summary of Our Journey Across The USA – (World Nomads Scholarship Entry)

It was a near impossible feet to summarize our incredible journey across the USA in a 3 minute video but we did so (for your entertainment!). We entered this film in a competition for a film scholarship and while the grand prize went to another worthy contestant we received great feedback about our work. Check it out!

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 Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, USA

Proclaimed the very first national park in the world, this enormous geographical phenomenon protects remarkable natural and geothermal features as well as abundant wildlife. It is a fully living ecosystem in full colour resplendence that bubbles and explodes. This place is completely miraculous!

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 Antigua, Guatemala – New Years 2014 – Antigua, Guatemala

Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy our adventures in this brilliant city with its’ beautiful traditions and breathtaking explosive pyrotechnics.

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 Mercado Tradicional – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Come explore Guatemala City’s traditional mercado, “La Villa” and travel like a local.

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 Casa Guatemala Fundraiser and Volunteer Mission – Rio Dulce, Guatemala

 In November of 2013 I launched a prodigious campaign to positively affect the lives of hundreds of children at a remote Guatemalan school and orphanage called Casa Guatemala.

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 Tropical New Year’s  – Chulamar, Escuintla, Guatemala

As we set the stage for a perfect New Year’s celebration (crystal blue waters, black volcanic sand beach scattered with coconut trees), we are reminded that no explorer’s adventure is complete without a worthy a perilous battle against a worthy adversary.

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 Preserving Culture: Guatemala’s Inspiring Alfombra Tradition – Antigua, Guatemala

Alfombra (flower carpet) making is one of the most beautiful traditions associated with Semana Santa for the Guatemalan people.  A group of school children teach us what this tradition means to them while we capture timelapse footage of a carpet being made from start to finish.

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 It’s Never Too Late To Become An Explorer – Rio Dulce, Livingston, Antigua, Guatemala

In April 2015 my Dad joined Karina and I from Canada for a wild excursion in Guatemala; his very FIRST backpacking trip.

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