Rockin Philly- Keeping Fit On A Road Trip

Another extraordinary film by April Beresford created for

Throughout our journey we have come across several fellow travelers who have reported that they often gain weight while on road trip. Their report:
“I am sitting in the same position for hours on end.”
“Often I end up snacking on convenience store food all day.”
“I end up being ‘too tired to move’ once I finally reach my destination, so all I want to do is relax.”

News Flash! Stopping to stretch your legs while gassing up the car just isn’t enough to keep you healthy and lean! The best way to stay fit is to work-out WHILE sight-seeing! In this video, Karina and I show you how to do this through our experience ‘being ridiculous and somewhat immature’ in downtown Philadelphia. There is a good chance we COULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED while making this video, we both STILL feel that the overall message is sound. =)

Watch as Karina and I conquer the iconic Rocky Steps outside the Philadelphia Museum Art. These 72 stone steps were made famous for their appearance in the triple-Oscar-winning film Rocky.
Remember, exercise CAN and SHOULD be fun! You just need to have a creative imagination.

~ April Beresford ~

For more information, check out “Rockin Philly.”

Music by: Jessie J

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10 thoughts on “Rockin Philly- Keeping Fit On A Road Trip

  1. I think eating properly is the main challenge you encounter while travelling.. I mean, you walk a lot anyways, which is a great cardio, but then you forget to drink water and eat crap all the time.. It’s difficult to solve the problem sometimes!


  2. Great video! I have a hard time balancing fitness when traveling. We try to eat healthy and walk everywhere we go, but it’s not always enough.


  3. Great tips! I do tend to gain weight during short trips, but I’ve always lost weight on trips that are 3 weeks or longer. I sometimes joke that I need to go on a long-term trip in order to lose weight. 🙂


  4. Awesome job burning those calories! Sedentary time frames are a killer. I like to set an alarm on my phone while working to remind me to get up every 60-90 min and do something active for a few min. Hilarious video by the way and of course one of my favorite motivational movies….Rocky!


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