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Karina’s Extraordinary Life is a travel writing and photography site for adventurous explorers seeking extraordinary destination and best value discoveries. It is a place to encourage travelers to get off the beaten path and develop a more intimate connection with the local culture. I cover the unique places to discover, how to get there, where to sleep and what to experiences in my destination guides. Most important, I dig deeper to report on local customs, beliefs, events and traditions. My readers are also provided with comprehensive advice on studying and volunteering in reputable organizations abroad.

Karina’s Extraordinary Life also presents the experience of travel through two lenses.

Founder, Karina possesses extensive knowledge as an experienced traveler and wild wanderer who has explored  50 countries across 4 continents. She writes with passion and enthusiasm that instills curiosity and confidence in her readers.

Guest poster and Vlogger April, writes and makes short films from the perspective of a new traveler, having come to realize her appetite for travel very recently. She keeps our readers inspired with comical and informative life-lessons we have acquired through adventurous gone awry.

I believe in developing partnerships with organizations who share my travel values. CONTACT ME to discuss any of the opportunities listed below.

Services Available

  • Freelance writing and photography
  • FAM/Press Trips
  • Advertising
  • Speaking engagements and Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Sponsorship
  • Trip/Itinerary Planning
  • Field Guide Services  

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