No Pants Subway Ride – The Film

Undoubtedly, this became the most popular YouTube film of the year for ThirteenSquared. I particularly love the song chosen and the ensuing comments by – meacomefeyou – will always be a source of comedy relief 😛 (Go to the YouTube to view the comments)

Check out the article I wrote about why I had to follow through with this challenge, and lessons learned.

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No Pants Subway Ride – Toronto, Canada

No Pants Subway Ride, Toronto, Canada -- Karina Noriega

The hardest was walking along stations with no pants on — No Pants Subway Ride, Toronto, Canada — Karina Noriega

In honour of 2015’s No Pants Subway Ride, I’m bringing back this story  (from ThirteenSquared)* of my own experience riding around the Toronto Subway without pants in the middle of winter!

ThirteenSquared is a resolution based blog that I began on January 1st, 2013 in order to enact small positive changes in my life. I utilized the power of accountability in order to overcome the many of the things that keep us from achieving the goals that we set for ourselves.

Written and shared by Karina Noriega. Use with permission.


THE RESOLUTION: Challenges by YOU!


… this story, is about that other challenge, the one that proposed that I casually take off my pants in a very, very (context inappropriate) public place; in the huge metropolis of Toronto, Canada.I’m not sure what I expected (or what I was thinking!) when I created the final ThirteenSquared resolution. Apart from finding an exciting way of including you, whomever you may be, I opened myself up for more creative suggestions than I ever stopped to consider. In fact, the first two submission have already proven the versatile nature of the possible challenges.  They both push me outside the boundaries of my ‘normality’ in very different ways and in my world this can only mean one thing: adventures in self-discovery.

No Pants Subway Ride, Toronto, Canada -- Karina Noriega

I has NO Poker Face 😛 No Pants Subway Ride, Toronto, Canada — Karina Noriega

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