Toyota 4Runner for Sale: Worth a Million!

Just writing the ad broke my heart, but I have to put my trustee knight in shining armour Tank (my Toyota 4Runner) up for sale. He is a beast amongst men. A warrior. A loyal steed who always starts, no matter the extreme conditions outside (with 18 Canadian winters to prove it!) Sure he might not get 0 to 60 in 1 second flat, but he will outperform those vehicles in terms of safety, reliability and long life.

Point is, I love this truck! If it wasn’t completely insane, I would list the asking price at $1,000,000 because that is what he is worth to me. Alas, this shall be my greatest sacrifice towards a bigger dream: to spend the next few years going nomad around the world, by any means, on a shoestring budget (blogging all about it). Continue reading