It’s Never Too Late To Become An Explorer

Dad and I in the parque central. Antigua, Guatemala -- Karina Noriega

Dad and I in the parque central. Antigua, Guatemala — Karina Noriega

Adventures with my Dad were always kept pretty close to home when I was little. He would often help me collect gardener snakes to wrap around my neck as I played about in the woods nearby our house. He sat me on his lap when I was 9 years old and taught me how to drive our family van. When he was doing small repairs on the roof of our house, if my mother wasn’t looking, he would allow me to join him. To this day I will never forget the rush brought on by the impending sense of danger, as I hung my legs over the eaves trough and stared down at my friends on the ground below.

From the beginning he always understood the adrenaline junky in me.

Now the tables have turned and I am the one introducing adventure into HIS life. For just over a week my Dad joined Karina and I on a wild excursion in the tropical jungle of Livingston and the Rio Dulce, followed by our exploration of Guatemalan traditions in Antigua. We had the time of our lives together and in order to showcase our little expedition I created a 3 minute video summary of my Dad’s very FIRST backpacking trip.

He is living proof that it’s never too late to become an explorer.

~ An Extraordinary Story by April Beresford ~

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