Lighting up 2015 – Pacific Guatemala Style

Fisherman throw nets over the Pacific waves -- Karina Noriega
Happy New Year's 2015 from Karina and April

Happy New Year’s 2015 from Karina and April

The holidays are always an adventure when traveling. There is a slight panic of demand for experiencing something special, a trip within a trip. This New Years’ was no different. For the first time in my life, I found myself in my native country, with no family to whom I could simply attach myself too. I suddenly realized my dependency when I began constructing a list of possibilities. The only conclusion I arrived at was a bit dreary. Elevated prices at every hotel and increased chance of runs ins with drunk drivers on the road. April and I don’t exactly subscribe to common practices of hard partying and staying up all night either. We glumly agreed to stay in Guatemala city and ‘guard’ the homestead.

Another thing I don’t like is telephones. I shy away from ever having to carry on a conversation without present company, or at least written word. I’ve even been quoted saying “I’d rather go hungry than have to call to order a pizza.” But as a dutiful grand-daughter and grateful guest here, I answered the telephone in lieu of my Manina. Forty-five minutes later we were loading baskets of random food hastily collected from the house, a change of clothes and our neglected books into the back of a chauffeured SUV Crossover.  Continue reading