An Open Letter To Travel Girls And Those Who Want To Be One

Volcano Panorama viewed from atop Volcan Pacaya -- Guatemala -- Karina Noriega
Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia --Karina Noriega

My favourite selfie! Climbed Mt. Penanjakan in the darker to watch the sunrise over the active Mt. Bromo, Penanjakan, Java, Indonesia — Karina Noriega

Open Letter to the Global Degree girls & every other travel dreamer:

I want to get this message out before the contest ends. Before it seems as if this were about winners and losers. This open letter goes out to the girls who ‘always wished they could’. It goes out to the excellent applicants who are well traveled, versed in marketing and social media, girls who have the potential to inspire others. But more importantly, it goes out to the girls who have never left their hometown. The women who look at the world as something beyond their reach, who took a leap at the chance to join hands with others who are already in pursuit. To follow Global Degree on an amazing journey 193 nations strong.

You ladies took the first step already. You took a risk. You put yourselves out there. You probably haven’t stopped thinking about the possibilities since then. Whether traveling around the world has been a lifelong endeavour or a recent inspiration, I want to encourage you to follow through.

Travel will teach you more about the world and about yourself than any book, any show, any school or any one person ever could. I’m talking about lessons beyond the history, culture or state of a particular place. I can speak to my own transformation as a girl who learned to believe that I could do ANYTHING!

My first solo backpacker adventure down the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico -- Karina Noriega

My first solo backpacker adventure down the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico — Karina Noriega

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Please Vote to Help Me Become the Youngest Woman to Visit Every UN Country

Winner will be declared on live web video stream on Sunday, February 15th, 2015!

Still plenty of time to vote, share and send your comments in.


Global Degree is looking for a new female cast member to join their quest to visit every single UN country in the world. I submitted my video application. I know I have what it takes but I need YOU to help me WIN.


VOTES must be made on the contestant page:!contestants/c1gzb

LIKE on MY video entry under Karina Noriega. (Last names N – S).

Be sure to follow all the direction in order for your votes to be validated! (Less than 50%) of the votes so far have counted)

Share please. Help me reach farther than I ever could on my own.

Here is what I would receive if I win: 4 years all-inclusive opportunity to be the female ambassador for people across 193 nations!

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