Time Travel

Did they even do DUCK FACE in the 80's?? -- www.karinasextraordinarylife.com

Did they even do DUCK FACE in the 80’s?? — http://www.karinasextraordinarylife.com

Our bank accounts had run completely dry and debt was now the vacuous black hole in our lives, from which there seemed no escape. We felt trapped, stagnant, confined to our daily routines and miserable that we were unable to afford a plane ticket anywhere. Without having the funds to seek out a far-off distance land, we postponed traveling through space, and opted instead to jettison through time, accepting a friend´s invitation to an 80’s themed costume party. We eagerly strapped on our leg-warmers, snap-bracelets, head-bands, high-top pumps and tacky eye make-up, all in preparation for our leap backward in time.

It took some serious creativity to design those ludicrous costumes and of course, a sense of self-confidence enabling us to enter a party filled with complete strangers, Karina proudly sporting her side ponytail and me, pleased to be rockin’ a gold leotard. As we were getting ready for our debut, I fully admit to spending 20 minutes working-out to Jane Fonda’s Let’s Get Physical exercise video on YouTube, which seemed to be the logical course of action given how I was dressed at the time. Sue me for getting lost in the moment!

Jane Fonda, who else?! -- www.karinasextraordinarylife.com

Jane Fonda, who else?! — http://www.karinasextraordinarylife.com

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