Feliz Navidad: Christmas Tradition in Guatemala

Merry Christmas eCard 2014 -- by Karina Noriega

Merry Christmas eCard 2014 — by Karina Noriega

The very best holidays wishes from your most consistently absent best friends 🙂

One of the hardest cultural differences for me to accept when I first moved to Canada was the ludicrous idea that kids didn’t open presents until the morning of the 25th. I was instantly threatened. If I had been any younger I may have questioned Santa’s dedication to Canadian children. Continue reading



I challenge you to find a more beautiful and exciting Christmas tradition anywhere.

What I just observed is unrivalled by any city in any country in the world! Perched up high above the city lights I witnessed the heavens come to life. When 4 million people simultaneously set off firebombs across the night sky it is a delight for all your senses. The smoky sulfur fills you with joy. The streams of whistles, bangs and every decibel explosions from far and wide rattle you deep in your core. The colours and sparkles spread across the atmosphere eventually mingling with the bright lights from a valley of homes and streets. You feel the tingle of amazement and wonder too know that all the souls in this place are sharing this special moment. From every single level of society, the mansions high above to the slums deep below, everyone; man, woman and child is experiencing this spectacular display just the same. Continue reading