South America


ARTICLE: My Extraordinary Guide to Guyana 

My Extraordinary guide to Guyana

When research began on the Guyana portion of my South America journey I immediately found information hard to come by. Often there is a complete lack of info, contacts, and the links only led to dead ends. With this in mind, I decided to create my own mini guidebook for travellers’ looking to come to this little tropical haven…READ MORE



ARTICLE: Santigron – Maroon Villages of Suriname


I never intended on writing about this place.

The big story, the token article for Suriname was supposed to be the much anticipated Carifesta XI taking place for 10 days in Paramaribo during August 2013. I would have never known of the existence of the Maroon people and their villages if not for picking up travel tips and advice from every traveler we meet…READ MORE

ARTICLE: The Suriname Files 

The Suriname Files

What a difference a single river crossing makes. If you ever wonder why every country is worth a visit, no matter how small or unknown, then the stark contrast between the two tiny young nations of Guyana and Suriname would be an exemplary answer.

The view from my mini-bus window on the post border-crossing part of the journey from…READ MORE




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