ARTICLE: Adios Guatemala, Hello Asia – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Adios Guatemala

The most difficult part about leaving this beautiful country behind is that we are knowingly walking away from so many other extraordinary places we still have yet to discover. Guatemala has been our home for the past 6 months and while we did explore magnificent locations like that of Lake Atitlan, Antigua, Semuc Champey, Livingston and Rio DulceREAD MORE


 Article: Perhaps You Need A Little Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua is the former capital of Guatemala, and was once the unrivalled mecca of the Kingdom of Guatemala! Destroyed multiple times by massive earthquakes, the city was eventually abandoned…READ MORE



ARTICLE: Santa, Pirates and Produce: My Adventure Exploring a Guatemalan Market, Guatemala City, Guatemala


Entering a Guatemalan marketplace is like stepping through the gates to Narnia; you never know what sort of extraordinary journey will await you on the other side! I have documented for your entertainment, a somewhat bizarre chain of events that occurred… READ MORE



ARTICLE: An Extraordinary Guide to Caribbean Coast of Guatemala: Rio Dulce & Lago Izabal (Part II)

Rio Dulce is a sweet water haven surrounded by massive jungles that connects the enormous fresh water Lake Izabal with the open sea on the Caribbean coast. In contrast to the crowded, gateway town of Fronteras, the waters edge is spotted by small and isolated Mayan towns, a few eco-lodges and…READ MORE



ARTICLE: An Extraordinary Guide to Caribbean Coast of Guatemala: Livingston (Part I)

Where the river meets the salty ocean stands the Garifuna town of Livingston. This is a corner of Guatemala so unlike the rest of the country, it is hard believe you are not some island far, far away. The remote location and lack of connecting roads have helped to preserve this completely separate culture… READ MORE



FILM – It’s Never too Late to Become an Explorer -Rio Dulce, Livingston & Antigua, Guatemala



In April 2015 my Dad joined Karina and I from Canada for a wild excursion in Guatemala; his very FIRST backpacking trip. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!




ARTICLE: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks – Rio Dulce, Livingston & Antigua, Guatemala

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

The first and only time I went sky diving, my Dad was my partner in crime. He planted the seed of interest when I was a little girl telling me stories of how he had always wanted to try the sport. My imagination would whirl wondering how amazing it would be to tumble through the sky…READ MORE

Making The Most Of Your Foreign Language School Experience

ARTICLE: Part I – Selecting The Right Language School For You


I hopped on a plane heading for Guatemala knowing that complete immersion is my best chance to full-fill my aspirations of learning Spanish.  I had pre-scheduled my language classes and arranged airport pickup through a reputable organization… READ MORE


Making The Most Of Your Foreign Language School Experience 

ARTICLE: Part II Maximize Learning – Antigua, Guatemala


Learning a new language is tough work and your task will be more challenging if you don’t put into practice effective strategies that facilitate your learning. Based on my experiences studying Spanish in Guatemala, I have developed a list of must-know tactics that will maximize your learning both…READ MORE


  Making The Most Of Your Foreign Language School Experience

ARTICLE: Part III- Homestay Versus Hostel – Antigua, Guatemala

The big question you will ask yourself, once you have selected the best language school for you , is “Where am I going to live while I am studying?” You can either stay with a local family (which can be arranged through your school) or Live in a hostel.Both options are relatively low cost but each option has its own benefits… READ MORE



 FILM: Preserving Culture – Guatemala’s Inspiring Alfombra Tradition – Antigua, Guatemala

We take you to Antigua, Guatemala to get a new perspective at Guatemala’s alfombra (carpet) building Easter tradition in the first educational segment of Preserving Culture. We speak with local school children during Semana Santa who teach us all about what it means to build one of these traditional works of art… CLICK TO WATCH



 ARTICLE: A Child’s Perspective on Semana Santa – Collaborative Project in Antigua, Guatemala

SEMANA SANTA a childs perspective

The idea behind embarking on this journey around the world had always been that the world is full opportunity. To find it though, we must be completely open to it. I don’t mean searching through a job site. I mean doing what you are passionate about. For April and I, it is travelling, writing, filming… READ MORE



ARTICLE: 10 Must-Read Tips For Eating Street Meat – Antigua, Guatemala

 Street meat, is a slang description for a meal containing an animal product that was prepared by a pop-up street vendor. If you are feeling adventurous while travelling in a foreign land, you can end up with a quality local meal and avoid paying tourist prices…READ MORE




ARTICLE: The Charm of Street Vendor Culture: Antigua, Guatemala transforms for Holy Week

In the weeks leading up to Semana Santa, entrepreneurs from all over Guatemala have been eagerly anticipating the explosion of local and foreign tourism that occurs in Antigua every year during the Lent celebrations. As the population rises in Antigua with each passing day, vendors flock to the city… READ MORE



ARTICLE: Obeisance & Alfombras in Antigua, Guatemala

I explored the concept of the alfombras or carpets created before each procession. These elaborate but temporary works of art are some of the most beautiful displays that can be observed colonial Antigua and the surrounding towns on a weekly basis throughout the 6 weeks of Lent… READ MORE



ARTICLE: Semuc Champey, Guatemalan Heaven on Earth – Guatemala

Semuc Champey has been known about to locals and few nationals until the last few years. Once a few hearty explorers and adventurous backpackers made the precarious trek deep into the remote valley of Alta Verapaz, the secret began to spill out slowly. Nowadays, it’s the absolute premier destination in Guatemala…READ MORE



ARTICLE: Velación at Santa Inés – Antigua, Guatemala


Our arrival in Antigua, Guatemala has been punctuated by fascinating, religious celebrations corresponding with the 40 days of Lent in the Catholic religion. On the second Friday of Lent, we joined thousand of people making the pilgrimage to a hilltop church outside of historic, colonial…READ MORE




ARTICLE: Lost My Face, Lago De Atitlan, Guatemala

For nearly a decade, my dark tinted, thick framed Oakley’s have become a part of my face. I wore them everywhere I went, from down to the store to across the planet. Those sunglasses have dominated the foreground in nearly every photograph taken of me around the world. I even wonder if people would recognize…READ MORE



ARTICLE: Guatemala – Growing up in the Land of Eternal Spring 

When I was young girl growing up in Guatemala, my mom would delight in dragging my siblings and I around the country in search of history, culture and adventure.  “But Maaaaaam,” I frequently whined, “it’s just another bunch of rocks!” I was of course referring to the legendary and renowned ruin cities of the great…READ MORE



ARTICLE: Guatemala – Cost Breakdown For Travel Through Guatemala

Guatemala offers so many possibilities for every type of traveler. As a worldly backpacker and efficient shoestring traveler ($10/day in hostels, chicken buses,eating street food is a breeze), but in a country like Guatemala, $100/day means you travel like royalty. Most of you will land somewhere in the middle. I created a very general breakdown…READ MORE


ARTICLE: An Extraordinary Journey to Guatemala & You Are Invited 

I want to take fear, uncertainty and hard work out of going to a foreign land (specially if it’s your first trip). I have the research, connections and the know-how. Unlike big, established tours, traveling with me means traveling with a friend who is eager to explore, share, and help you travel safely…READ MORE



 ARTICLE: Lighting Up 2015 – Chulamar, Guatemala

The holidays are always an adventure when traveling. There is a slight panic of demand for experiencing something special, a trip within a trip. This New Years’ was no different. For the first time in my life, I found myself in my native country, with no family to whom I could simply attach myself too. I suddenly realized…READ MORE



FILM: Tropical New Years – Chulamar, Guatemala

As we set the stage for a perfect New Year’s celebration (crystal blue waters, black volcanic sand beach scattered with coconut trees), we are reminded that no explorer’s adventure is complete without a worthy a perilous battle against a worthy adversary. Witness a stubborn ‘Gringa’ face her opponent head on. CLICK HERE TO WATCH



ARTICLE: Heroes For Guatemala – Rio Dulce, Guatemala

In November of 2013 I launched a prodigious campaign to positively affect the lives of hundreds of children at a remote Guatemalan school and orphanage called Casa Guatemala. My mission was to raise funds for the organization, utilize them to personally purchase necessary supplies…READ MORE



FILM: Casa Guatemala Fundraiser and Volunteer Mission – Rio Dulce, Guatemala 




CLICK HERE TO WATCH the short video we made about our adventure supporting the orphan children of Casa Guatemala.




ARTICLE: Feliz Navidad- Christmas Tradition In Guatemala – Guatemala City, Guatemala

One of the hardest cultural differences for me to accept when I first moved to Canada was the ludicrous idea that kids didn’t open presents until the morning of the 25th. I was instantly threatened. If I had been any younger I may have questioned Santa’s dedication to Canadian children…READ MORE


FILM: Mercado Tradicional – Guatemala City, Guatemala



Come explore Guatemala City’s traditional mercado, “La Villa” and travel like a local.





ARTICLE: La Quema Del Diablo – Guatemala City, Guatemala


Literally translated, it means ‘Burning of the Devil’. Every December 7th since the time of the conquistadors, Guatemalans all over the country collect items representative of sin and evil to burn when the evening sets in. It is a deeply ingrained tradition with elements of superstition…READ MORE


ARTICLE: Fireworks – Antigua, Guatemala 

I challenge you to find a more beautiful and exciting Christmas tradition anywhere.

What I just observed is unrivalled by any city in any country in the world! Perched up high above the city lights I witnessed the heavens come to life. When 4 million people simultaneously set off firebombs across the night sky it is a delight for all your senses…READ MORE

FILM: New Year’s 2013/2014 – Antigua, Guatemala


CLICK HERE TO WATCH the magnificent city of Antigua Guatemala explode for New Years Eve. Check out beautiful traditions and breathtaking explosive pyrotechnics.





ARTICLE: The First 24 Hours – Arriving in Guatemala City, Guatemala

This Article is Part II of The First 24 Hours of our journey across the globe. To read Part I first click here.

The terminal is beginning to fill with passengers who have absolutely no respect for all the bums hugging backpacks in the corner. Try to keep sleeping as I remind myself that every dollar I save…READ MORE 


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