FILM: No Pants Subway Ride -Toronto, Canada


Undoubtedly, this became the most popular YouTube film of the year for Karina’s old blog, ThirteenSquared. I particularly love the song chosen and the ensuing comments by – meacomefeyou – will always be a source of comedy relief 😛(Go to the YouTube to view the comments) CLICK HERE TO WATCH

ARTICLE: Time Travel – Hamilton, Ontario


Our bank accounts had run completely dry and debt was now the vacuous black hole in our lives, from which there seemed no escape. We felt trapped, stagnant, confined to our daily routines and miserable that we were unable to afford a plane ticket anywhere…READ MORE


ARTICLE: Picnic on a Glacier – Athabasca Glacier, Alberta

picnic on a glacier

It’s not like we Canadians don’t feel the cold.  We choose to not let it stop us from having fun.  Having a picnic on Athabasca glacier in a tank-top might not be appealing to all travelers, but for me this experience was quite gratifying. Our adventure on the glacier took place in mid-September and while the weather…READ MORE


FILM: Happy Canada Day – A Film by Jonas Bellman – Port Dover, Ontario

In celebration of Canada Day, we are proudly sharing this film by our buddy and former couchsurfer, Jonas Bellmann. Check out this rat-pack of bikers celebrating Canada Day, 2013 at Port Dover in Ontario, Canada…CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Film: Going Nomad – Hamilton, Ontario

A quick snapshot into our lives as we quit our jobs, pack-up everything we own and head out into the world for an adventure of a lifetime…CLICK HERE TO WATCH


ARTICLE: Toyota 4Runner For Sale – Hamilton, Ontario

Former Home To 2 Canadian Girls (1)

Just writing the ad broke my heart, but I have to put my trustee knight in shining armour Tank (my Toyota 4Runner) up for sale. He is a beast amongst men. A warrior. A loyal steed who always starts, no matter the extreme conditions outside (with 18 Canadian winters to prove it!)…READ MORE


ARTICLE: 7 Days To Around The World – Hamilton, Ontario


I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for so long that I don’t know how to start wrapping my head around the planning and preparation for phase II. There is only seven days left before we embark on our long journey around the world…READ MORE




ARTICLE: The First 24 Hours: Departing Canada – Hamilton, Ontario


Load bags and self into car. April’s dad drives us to Toronto Pearson airport. She relishes the last moments with her family.

Trying to not be sick. A combination of the anticipation of flying plus knowledge that this is the very last chance…READ MORE

ARTICLE: Sanitation Engineer – Hamilton, Ontario

Sanitation Engineer

Just ask our numerous and relentlessly supportive friends. April and I are 100% nomad. That is just about as kindly as it gets when it comes to referring to someone as unemployed, homeless, phone-less and now, solely reliant on others for transportation. Kind of like…READ MORE






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