Please Vote to Help Me Become the Youngest Woman to Visit Every UN Country

Winner will be declared on live web video stream on Sunday, February 15th, 2015!

Still plenty of time to vote, share and send your comments in.


Global Degree is looking for a new female cast member to join their quest to visit every single UN country in the world. I submitted my video application. I know I have what it takes but I need YOU to help me WIN.


VOTES must be made on the contestant page:!contestants/c1gzb

LIKE on MY video entry under Karina Noriega. (Last names N – S).

Be sure to follow all the direction in order for your votes to be validated! (Less than 50%) of the votes so far have counted)

Share please. Help me reach farther than I ever could on my own.

Here is what I would receive if I win: 4 years all-inclusive opportunity to be the female ambassador for people across 193 nations!


We will cover your accomodation at the best rated hostels in each location.


Discounts to the most incredible, fun, interesting activities each nation has to offer! 


We will cover the flights needed to travel across the entire continent. From Tokyo to Hong Kong, Singapore to the Maldives!


We will capture your entire experience with professional cameras for you to remember the experience forever!


You will be in all of our future episodes and your adventure will inspire thousands of people from around the world! 

~ Karina Noriega ~

Show your support by sharing, liking, commenting and subscribing 🙂

41 thoughts on “Please Vote to Help Me Become the Youngest Woman to Visit Every UN Country

  1. You are such a seasoned traveller, evidenced by looking at your photos and reading your blog. You can really tell this is what you are meant to do! Travel the world, see the sights, and blog, blog, blog! Best of luck!


  2. I love watching Karina’s videos of what she’s experiencing. She creates them in a very charismatic way that leaves me on edge to see where she will take us next. Very rarely have I seen anyone nearly as smart, brave, strong and beautiful as Karina…. I can’t wait to see the rest or the world through your eyes.


  3. I love Karina’s video because It is full of positive energy and passion for traveling and it is an inspiration for men and women to explore the world, it is an open invitation for me to become a better citizen of the universe. what I love the most about her video is the fact that I can feel how authentic and charismatic she is, she makes me feel that im traveling with her, the way she discribes places,and feelings is just amazing, She is also the clear example of diversity,,, She is perfect for this amazing journey!!!… Me encanta tu video!!! Eres La Mejor!!!


  4. Hi! I think is an amazing opportunity to bring to attention he disparity between to he treatment of men and women world-wide. Also, I believe that you have a talent to speak clearly and can convey this message to both first-and third- works countries perhaps enabling us to develop a bridge within and across our experiences. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the results!


    • There are too few girls in the competition who can or will represent gender and economic disparities. But there a billion women in the world who can speak to it. I hope we can all feel inspired to speak out for those whose voices remain silent. I really do hope the Global Degree platform will truly be used to bring about change. I will continue no matter what!


  5. Karina you are an incredible example about how it’s possible to balance between adventure, personal values and respect and promotion of different cultures. I am 100% sure you have the perfect skills, talent and experience to participate, and I am looking forward to see you in the guiness book of records as the youngest girl visiting all world countries 🙂


  6. I am living vicariously through you right now! I so hope you win this trip! You are amazing at sharing and documenting your journey, love the blog! Good luck and I have shared this on my facebook page and told many friends and family about you and April, my two Canadian couchsurfing friends who shared my 50th birthday!


    • Hey Darlene, I am so happy you have followed along and that you have stayed in touch. Thank you for your continuing support and I hope I can keep sending inspiring and refreshing stories your way 🙂
      It was an absolute pleasure sharing your Birthday. My best to Gabe.


  7. I hope you win!!! You have a great way of engaging us with that beautiful smile, sparkly eyes and passionate way of relating your adventures. I love as well that you find a way of reminding us about others who are less fortunate and actively seek to help them in one way or another. I would love to keep seeing the world through your eyes and stories!


    • And you will!! 🙂 My mission continues no matter what. Besides, I have a really long way to go just to catch with you. I’m actually quite certain YOU have a better chance at rounding up 193 stamps before any girl in this contest 😛
      Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration ❤


  8. Besides being beautiful, smart, funny, and adventurous, Karina does lots of good in the world. She is concerned about global poverty and has worked in orphanages in other countries as well.


  9. Karina is an absolute natural in front of the camera. She is bright, eloquent, fun and down-right hillarious! I spent 6 months driving across the USA with her this past spring/summer and we had the time of our lives! I have followed her journeys for years, reading her blog, Facebook posts, always in awe of her captivating way with words, and her incredible bravery. Without a doubt, the Global Degree team will rise to the stars if they accept Karina as their newest member!


    • Well I know THIS much is true! You must have been inspired enough to quit your entire life at a chance to live in a car for 6 months, with ME!!
      There’s a big huge world out there I still want to see. Say… you wanna come along a film it for me?! 😛


  10. Karina’s video inspires me to look beyond my perception of what is safe and normal, to look for travel and adventure in my own life.

    If she can do it maybe I can to!


    • Yes! yes, yes, yes!! Oh that is exactly what I want to inspire 🙂 Truth, opportunity, safety.. it’s all relative. We get but a shade of someone else’s thoughts on it when we stay inside our bubbles.
      If travel has taught me anything, it’s that there is so much good out there in the people who their arms for you because you had the courage to take a chance!


  11. Karina Noriega is an advocate and avid explorer. She clearly establishes in her video to be charismatic, mature, articulate, and confident in front of the camera; something I didn’t see the other applicants demonstrate.The @GlobalDegree team has an amazing opportunity in store for them and they would be smart to select a seasoned traveler to accompany them on their journey. In my opinion, the woman who joins this team should be a face of diversity; someone who can represent a symbol of hope to oppressed women world-wide.


  12. Karina is an amazing lady. I have known her since she was a young girl and she stood up to great caos when on a river trip, we missed our take out and had to go almost to the Ocean. By 3 am we had found our way back to “civlization”. She helped us out and had a positive attitude the entire time. She could be a great world traveler and a great asset to Global Destination.


  13. Holy shit, you’re a crazy girl! Hope you win, would love to see you get into more adventures. You really get what travelling is about, and I’m all about Team Guatenadian! Whatever happens, you obviously have a real passion for travelling and the camera loves you so keep at it! And your writing… shit, well that’s good too:)


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  15. I think Karina deserves to win this amazing opportunity because she is the most caring, sweetest, well rounded, generous, and selfless person I have ever met. She is very driven and never quits anything she starts. She is an absolute natural in front of the camera and will capture anyone’s attention without realizing it. She will be a great world traveller and be a huge asset to Global Destination so please pick Karina I promise you won’t be disappointed :))


  16. Very few people I have met who are brave and courageous enough to leave the safety of routine life behind and pursue their dreams, Karina is one of them, She is inspiring and make us think about traveling more. I hope Karina win this and travel around the globe and bring us the story of world that she sees from her eyes!


  17. You got my vote Karina! Thanks for visiting us this summer an sharing all yours and Aprils amazing adventures! Continue to inspire…can’t wait to see what adventures await you next!


  18. Karina,

    You are an inspiration and from watching your video, following your Facebook page and website – I am convinced you would be great at this!
    I am praying for you to win!
    Best of luck!


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