Summary of Our Journey Across The USA – (World Nomads Scholarship Entry)

The contest deadline has come and gone. Our submission is now being reviewed by the travel journalism experts at World Nomads. We are going up against hundreds (if not thousands) aspiring filmmakers from around the whole globe.

The pressure has now shifted to the judges and mentors who can select only a single submission for one of the best prizes out there: A chance to attend, film and share Mexico’s cultural mega-festival, Dia de los Muertos. More than a chance to travel, this is the learning opportunity of a lifetime. April and I are beyond eager to receive mentoring and feedback by seasoned travel journalists. Plus, I have not so secretly always wanted to experience this event.

So let’s make the decision a little easier for the World Nomads panel. Please show us your support by clicking like, leaving your comments and sharing the video (preferably through the blog -> <- Use This Link)

Don’t forget to read up on why we believe we should win and what it means to us. (On the YouTube comments sections)

~ An Extraordinary Story by Karina Noriega ~

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23 thoughts on “Summary of Our Journey Across The USA – (World Nomads Scholarship Entry)

  1. Fantastic video! You have intertwined great visual images with your audio message. I hope you both win! Would look forward to seeing the rest of your worldwide adventures on video!


  2. Great video! I am so proud of the extraordinary journey that you both have undertaken! You will make memories that last a lifetime and you will change lifes as you go. Best of luck and I think you should win this contest!


    • Thank you so much for all the kind words Darlene. It sure been an exciting and challenging way of life. We have learned so much already and we continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of so many people like yourself.
      We wanted to tell you that the tupperware container you gave us with the kale chips became one of the most used and prized tools in our car/kitchen/home 😛 We used it everyday til it cracked and died. 🙂


  3. You girls had awesome adventures I must say. I enjoyed travelling with you on video and hope you have more amazing adventures ahead of you =D


  4. I’m not sure what you are up against, but having made such a good video with nothing more than a camera and laptop while on the road should stand for something whether you win the contest or not. Best of luck and enjoy your journey as you can never get this time back, and the memories and experience will be with you forever.


    • That is exactly what we are hoping they will realize. We do the best that we can with the equipment, time, and experiences we’ve had. We both really appreciate your support and I agree, no matter what, we will always these memories – now immortalized in this film. :)))))


  5. Your journey, and the way you presented it, makes it seem doable by ordinary people. Here we see two ordinary young women take to the road with a simple budget, simple tools, and a desire to be open to adventure and opportunities.
    You are refreshing in your approach to travel journalism: you check out the hot tourist spots, but you focus more on the spaces where the local people, who you intentionally engaged with, live.
    No Travel Agents, No Agendas that control the flow of your adventures.
    You were free.
    You were spontaneous.
    I loved your approach to getting to know the people and the land.
    You don’t need a lot of money to travel and to intimately experience a culture.
    I would follow your blog, and dream of adventuring, because you two are REAL.


  6. This is amazing! I am just sorry it took me so long to find it. Thank you so much for including us. We had such a wonderful time with you. I can’t wait until we meet again! You are always welcome anytime. I must get on the ball we are making our move in 111 days!


    • Heeeeyyyyy 😃
      I’m so glad to hear from you. We were really hoping you guys would like it. We had such an amazing time you and Josh and we wanted to say thank you, again! We are currently planning to bring a group of friends down to Guatemala for a couple weeks I wish you guys could come but building the home of your dreams is probably top on your list right now. Let us know when it’s done we really would love to come back and see you guys again 😃


  7. I am only sad that we did not see this sooner. I really love what you have done. We have told everyone about your amazing journey. We had a great time with you and we are really glad to have meet you on our journey. You are both welcome to visit us anytime. You are making me want to get my blog up and running. I must be off… we are making our move in 111 days.


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